Without Westerdijk Amsterdam would be treeless

White whirlwind

Have you ever seen white leaves being blown along by the wind?

Amsterdam, city of elms

Although the elm grows in many places, Amsterdam is particularly known as a city of elms. The elm is a tree which is resistant to salty water and in the olden days the IJ and the water in the Amsterdam canals were saline. In addition, the elm can deal with noise, traffic and ground works. As we speak, the city contains over 75,000 elms.

But... not without Westerdijk

For a long time, many trees suffered from Dutch Elm Disease. Westerdijk discovered that a fungus (Ceratocystis ulmi) caused this disease in elms. She studied how to make elms resistant to this fungus.

So, without Westerdijk there would have been nowhere near as many elms!

And that makes the Dutch happy. There is even an annual Springsnow and a perfume made from elms.

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