Who was Joachim Hendrik Kromhout?

Joachim Hendrik Kromhout was born in 1835

His military career started at an early age. He joined the Royal Military Academy as a cadet of the Engineer Corps at the age of 17.

What was the Engineer Corps?

They are combat supporters. They connect riverbanks by building bridges and laying pontoons.

After several promotions...

Kromhout was dispatched to England in 1872 to witness manoeuvres and high-ranking officers said he distinguished himself as a model officer.

You always had to keep your wits about you

Kromhout had a habit of exposing his subordinates to problems requiring quick solutions at the barracks in the Biltstraat. For example, when a man fell in the water, those who worked hardest and demonstrated the most ingenuity in saving him might be considered for promotion. Throughout Kromhout's career, he wrote many publications on military topics. For example, he wrote about the fortifications of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie (New Dutch Waterline).

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