In which style was the University Hall built?


The construction of the University Hall immediately met with controversy. Some said the building should be constructed in the Gothic style (as in the picture) to match the architectural style of the Dom Church. Others thought it should be in the Neo-Renaissance style.

A compromise...

Finally, a compromise was reached: the building as we now know it was built in the Neo-Renaissance style but moved slightly further away from the Dom Church. The strange twist in the façade is a reminder of this compromise.

The Harry Potter-garden...

In between University Hall and the Dom Church lies the Pandhof, a monastery garden. In the olden days, students walked through the Pandhof to get to  lectures in the Groot Kapittelhuis (which is nowadays the Auditorium). Therefore, the Pandhof was also known as the 'wandering place of the Academy'. The hidden garden has something magical, enriched as it is with flowers and herbs. The garden is set up in such a way that it flowers all year round. When the door is open, you can go in and have a look around.

Back in time... 1929

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