When was the last time you gave the University a present?

The City of Utrecht in 1636...

The Auditorium in the University Hall dates back to 1462. Previously, the Auditorium, also known as Kapittel Hall, was connected to the Dom Church and priests would use it as a meeting place. They had to cross the Pandhof's garden between the Dom Church and the University Hall to get there. Many years later, in 1579, the Union of Utrecht was signed in the Auditorium. This written agreement between several Dutch provinces is also known as the beginning of the Dutch nation and made freedom of religion a right. So, you are standing in front of an important place. The city donated the Auditorium to  the University when it was founded in 1636. Ever since then, it has been used for lectures.

The citizens of Utrecht in 1886...

On the 250th anniversary of Utrecht University, the citizenry of Utrecht gifted the University Hall to it. The university was constantly growing and the University Hall building itself expanded

Say cheese!

Most graduation ceremonies still take place in the University Hall. Have you ever seen anyone standing outside the front door holding a yellow tube? Many students use the beautiful background of the University Hall as the perfect spot for a graduation photo.

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