What used to be under the ground here?

Many things

Before the centre was constructed, archaeologists surveyed the site. What they discovered would make for an amazing dig: traces of a human settlement dating back to around about 11,000 years B.C. Nothing like it has ever been found in Utrecht. This period is called the Old Stone Age or the Palaeolithic. So, how old exactly is that?

You can see it here

So, absolutely ancient!


The finds date back to 11, 000 B.C. That is the hunter–gatherer period. Is this object also that old? No, Dielemans explains: "People dug a hole here and lit a fire. We found the charcoal and sent it off to a laboratory. They dated it as this old."

Traces of then

Multiple traces of civilisation have been found here. The oldest consist of charcoal, but remnants of pottery, natural stone and tools from a later period have also been found. In the photo you can see a fence. It is a strange idea to think that anyone who is alive now descends from someone who lived thousands of years ago...

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