Veterinary medicine in modern times

Animals serve here to train the students in becoming a veterinarian

Students learn tube feeding on the parakeets.

Horses sometimes have to undergo uncomfortable procedures

That is why the institution has recently acquired a 'haptic horse.' It is a kind of robot through which you can practice. Nowadays, students have to perform rectal examinations on a horse only once throughout their studies.

Did you see a few cows standing in the meadow with a 'lid' in their sides?

Those are the cows of the farm animal shelter. Utrecht University has five of these 'fistula cows', as the lid is called. The cows are healthy, but an opening has been made in their rumen so that students can see how the animals' digestion works. In addition, they sometimes test food with it. They do this by hanging a bag in the abdomen and following the digestion. Fortunately, the cows are not bothered by this.

Nevertheless, the number of animal experiments is declining

The decrease in the number of laboratory animals can be seen in the increasing number of empty pens in the building. Here you will find pigeons, parakeets, parrots, ferrets, cats and dogs.

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