A posh home for elderly knights

In 1995, the Teutonic Order has returned to these buildings

In 1807, the knights were kicked out by King Louis Napoleon, but after almost 2 centuries they returned. Nowadays, they keep their treasures dating back from 1200 A.D. right up to today in this building. There are beautiful seals and contracts telling us all kinds of details of the knights' lives. We know it was a very rich Order. In the picture, you can see an astronomic clock. The masterpiece can be found in the Teutonic Order's Austrian 'Schatzkammer' (treasury). Did the Order really fight for God or for gold?

You would think that monks are peaceful people

But these monks were also knights who joined the crusades. Rich believers all over Europe paid the costs of them going into battle against what were in those days considered 'heathens': the Muslims. Knights who did not go on a crusade would donate a plot of land to the Order and many other people also donated land. In this way, they were doing something charitable, their souls would be 'freed' and a place in heaven was guaranteed. It was a win-win situation: the Order got richer and believers who donated went to heaven.

A nursing institute for noble gentlemen.

A bit later in the Middle Ages, when the crusades had ended, the Teutonic House became more of a nursing institute for noble gentlemen. Imagine a posh home for the elderly, but then just for knights.

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