In the olden days, you were not a patient, but a sufferer

In the 17th century, Utrecht had a hospice for the ill and poor

If, for whatever reason, they could not be nursed at home, they would end up in the hospice.

The word patient did not exist yet...

The first Utrecht Professor of Medicine, Willem van der Straten, was known to take his students to the hospice to demonstrate the 'sufferers'. This initiative was a precursor of clinical teaching as we know it today. It would take a while before teaching in real-life situations started.

In 1636, they only taught the theoretical side at the Faculty of Medicine

And it had nothing to do with research or 'nursing patients'.

As the call for a more scientific orientation grew in the 19th century

the focus shifted from the ill to the illness. The hospital increasingly played a more central role both for the education of the doctor and as a research centre.

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