Inconveniences on the Janskerkhof? I don’t think so!

As long ago as the late Middle Ages the Janskerkhof has been the scene of troubles

In the fifteenth century, dumping waste on the Janskerkhof was prohibited. However, the nuisance on the square just increased once the walls of the immunity had been torn down. Now, the Janskerkhof is public domain in Utrecht.

For this reason, another ban was imposed in 1611

Despite earlier bans, the Janskerkhof remained a troubled area. So, on 7 February 1611 , a new ban was imposed in a publication titled 'Against throwing dung'.

And playing fives was a serious nuisance!

What is remarkable about the 1611 ban is that it was also against playing fives, kolven (an early form of golf) and kloot-shooting (another ball game). These popular games were a thorn in the city administration's side. They were forbidden on the Janskerkhof.

The organ-blower as part-time policeman?

The Janskerk's organ-blower, Willem Willemse at the time, had to make sure everyone stuck to the rules on the square. He was even allowed to fine offenders. The fine was six guilders, which is equivalent to around about 100 euros now.

Nowadays there are still nuisances!

Common complaints nowadays concern the numerous bicycles lying around, street litter and students urinating in public. At least, these are the most common complaints of local entrepreneurs and residents. Actions whereby incorrectly stalled bicycles are removed and taken to the city depot occur regularly.

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