If Anna Maria were an animal, what kind of animal would she be?

Would she be an owl?

This portrait depicts Anna Maria with Rembrandt van Rijn and Jacob Backer, both 17th-century painters. An owl has been added to Anna Maria, the symbol of wisdom.

Anna Maria Re-Anna-mated

Important works

Her work Opuscula Hebraea Graeca Latina et Gallica, prosaica et metrica was published in  1648 en reprinted several times (1650, 1652, 1723, 1749). In this work, she argues why women should be allowed to attend University.

O Utreght, lieve Stadt, hoe soud’ick U vergeeten

O Utreght, lieve Stadt hoe soud ick U vergeeten
Almosten ver van U mijn dagen sijn versleten
Tien mael op eenen dagh verhef ik uwen stadt
Die soo mijn oordeel lijt et al te boven gaet
Want doen mijn trurigh herdt denckt aen die werde sielen
Die doen ic afschijt nam, mijn om het herte vielen,
Dan vlight mijn ziel daer heen en volght den sterken bant
Die al mijn toghten bint aen 't lieve vaderlant

Gender Equality

Anna Maria achieved everything there was to achieve for a woman in those days. She was a living encyclopaedia, and she was taken seriously as an academic. For women in the Netherlands and in Europe she was, and still is, a role model. Utrecht can be proud of her.


Nowadays things have changed. Fortunately, women can go to University. Nevertheless just 25% of all professors are female. Predictions are that it will take until 2042 before there is an equal gender balance. Inclusivity is important: therefore, Utrecht University supports the women's network. This platform aims to increase (gender)diversity among scientific and executive managerial staff.

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