How did this building get its (nick)name?

A veterinary riding school

As horses were highly valuable in the 19th century, a separate building was erected which was dedicated to the care of sick horses.

Noble veterinary medicine

Even in those days, horses ranked higher than other animals. Opposite the Paardenkathedraal, you see the so-called 'single horse stables', where the rich kept their horses. Later, these stables were converted into homes.

Striking architecture

This building was constructed in 1904 and 1905 and was designed by C.H. Peters. He was known for his sober, neo-Gothic style.

A religious experience?

Because the building style of the façade of the riding school resembles a church, it was soon nicknamed  the 'Paardenkathedraal' (Horse Cathedral). The interior also resembles religious buildings.

From honorary nickname to identity

Nowadays, the building is officially known as the Paardenkathedraal. And various foundations and theatre companies which have occupied it have also adopted the name.

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