Griftpark or toxic park?

Only clean is beautiful

In 1980, plans for the Griftpark were disrupted by the discovery of serious soil contamination. In the following years, one investigation followed another until the soil pollution was finally under control in 1998, and the construction of the park could continue. Local residents planted the trees.

The Griftpark has its own bacteria

For a long time, soil pollution was a problem. However, this environmental hazard also resulted in something rather special. By chance, the Griftpark bacteria were discovered in 2017. Together with Wageningen University and Deltares, Utrecht University decided to research this rather special bacteria.

So, is it safe?

The Griftpark bacteria is rather special because it cleans the polluted groundwater in a natural way and effectively tackles soil pollution in the Griftpark at the same time!

Groundbreaking research, in fact!

Utrecht received 2.8 million euros for this research. Quite an amazing park, really!

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