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Saint Apollonia

In 1367, an unknown citizen of Utrecht founded a small hospice dedicated to Saint Apollonia. The ill, the weak, the homeless and travelling pilgrims all found refuge here.

Willem van Abcoude

In 1378, Willem van Abcoude took over the hospice and in 1407 he set up a board, the brotherhood, which was responsible for running the hospice and generating income.


The hospice started to grow and acquired more licences, such as a special licence to be able to brew their own beer. What would a Blonde Bartholomeus have tasted like?

The Regentenzaal (Regent's Hall)

The regents of the Bartholomew Hospice built the Regent's Hall in 1632. This rather special room is only open during Monumentendag (Heritage Day) or on special events.


Dit bijzondere wandtapijt in de Regentenzaal is gemaakt door Maximiliaan van der Gucht in ongeveer 1642-48. Het heet 'een bosgagie verciert met bloemen, vogelen en allerhande gedierten met een huysken, lanen ende dorpen'.

650+ years

By now, the Bartholomeus Gasthuis has been providing care for over 650 years.

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