Court of a church or graveyard?

An extraordinary find

When various university buildings were being renovated, archaeologists shared an extraordinary find...


A 2014 article by RTV Utrecht said the following: In the graves we found seven skeletons including one of a woman with an unborn child. The walls of the cellars were painted and covered in crosses. The mortal remains dating back to the Late Middle Ages were found in a cellar of a former monastery.

Not the first excavations...

During earlier excavations in the year 2000, sarcophagi were found containing skeletons dating back to the 11th and 12th century.

So, a graveyard?

The name Janskerkhof (St John's graveyard) does not mean there was actually a graveyard here. The Janskerk used to be surrounded by a wall delineating the boundaries of the religious grounds, the so-called 'immunity'. Until 1580, the Janskerk (St John's church) was connected to the St John's chapter in Utrecht, hence the name.

So the flowers are not for the graveyard?

The weekly flower market has been held on the Janskerkhof since 1835. And in the run-up to Christmas, they also sell Christmas trees.

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