A cat wandered into the Paardenkathedraal…

The Veeartsenijterrein (Veterinary Terrain)

The former complex of the Rijks Veeartsenijschool (State Veterinary School) spans the area between the Biltstraat and the Kardinaal de Jongweg.

Various departments

Along the waters of the Biltse Grift stand various buildings that once belonged to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine: from the Snijzaal (Dissecting Room) on the Hoefijzerstraat to the Kliniek voor Kleine Huisdieren (Clinic for Small Animals) on the Alexander Numankade.

Sometimes you get lost..

In the next film excerpt from an old-fashioned comedy series, a woman is looking for a vet to treat her cat, but this does not go as planned.

Film excerpt with sound – Hora Est acte 1 – 14:00 to 17:10

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