About Utrecht Time Machine

In Utrecht, history is up for grabs. Utrecht Time Machine brings old times back to life with innovative techniques and places history squarely in today's world.

Utrecht Time Machine (UTM) makes use of countless historical artefacts and data and makes them accessible to everyone by using innovative technologies to intuitively connect them to their places. In doing so, UTM contributes to digital and cultural literacy in Utrecht. Anyone with a smartphone and a dash curiosity can now observe and discover those who lived, worked, traded and consumed in all parts of Utrecht up to two thousand years ago.


In 2021 we will celebrate the lustrum of Utrecht University by developing an app that allows you to go on a spontaneous, on-demand tour through the city. Anyone who uses the Utrecht Time Machine app is given complete freedom to map out their own route. To learn about the history of Utrecht, all they have to do is to simply scan the orange tiles with QR codes that are placed throughout the city.

Utrecht Time Machine consists of a consortium of various local heritage institutions that have played a part in making cultural heritage accessible: The Utrecht Archives, Historical Association Oud-Utrecht, the Municipality of Utrecht and Utrecht University. Together, we want to connect and present open data regarding Utrecht's history in a form that is accessible to anyone. The products and pilots for Utrecht Time Machine are currently being developed in the course 'Living Pasts' at Utrecht University.


The Utrecht Time Machine app is a project that was realized in collaboration with various partners.

Partner organizations

The Utrecht Archives, Utrecht University, UMC Utrecht, Municipality of Utrecht, Historical Association Oud-Utrecht, Museum Catharijne Convent, Centraal Museum, Utrechts Monumenten Fonds, Utrechts Documentatie Systeem, Sociëteit de Constructieve, DOMunder, Utrechts Geveltekenfonds.

Contact persons

Toine Pieters (Utrecht University), Rick Companje (The Utrecht Archives), Rianne Pruis (Municipality of Utrecht) and Dick de Jong (Oud Utrecht).

Editors: Jitske Hell, Ties Karabacak, Wieke Hendriks, Pim Sierink, Tessa Nauta, Shahin Nazar Kermanshahi en Tim Overkempe 
Design and website: Frank-Jan van Lunteren
Developers: Frank-Jan van Lunteren, Simon Dirks, Ivar Troost en Rick Companje
Logistics support: Fred Nuwenhuis
With editorial support from: Armand Heijnen and Peter Drehmanns

Copying texts and images is allowed. References are much appeciated.

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